Become the Next Billionaire: Break Through Every Single Misbelief

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I help people create abundance in ALL areas of life by channeling life-changing messages from the Spiritual Guides.


You are here to express yourself uniquely as you. You are not meant to be a worker bee slaving away all the time doing things that don't uplift you and bring you joy. It's time to transcend the way you've been operating so that you can live authentically as you. 

None can make you happy other than your own Soul.

Are you working too much or doing things that are dragging you down?

Are you exhausted from burnout and stress?

Are you unhappy with how you are relating to other people?

Are you communicating ineffectively and not being heard by others?

Are you off balance and asserting too much energy in one way or the other?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions, it's time for you to pause, re-evaluate your life, and make a shift. 

If you continue doing what you have always done, you will only get the SAME results. I doubt that is what you want.

come home to who you really are

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I am Solera

The name “Solera” means “A Being of Light.”
It was given to me by the Spiritual Guides.

In the past, I was either being completely goal-oriented and chasing success or being totally “spiritual” and scrubbing toilets in an ashram.

I hit rock bottom when I went back home to stay with my parents. I felt shameful. How could I, a Northwestern University graduate, coveted by companies like Google, former I.T. consultant, and business owner, be so lost that I had to run home to my mom and dad? You should see the amount of trophies I got at home!

That was the problem. That was all I had -- the plastic trophies.

I knew I needed some drastic clearing. So, I bought a one-way ticket to Iceland. It was during those dark winter months that I hibernated, I reflected, I healed, and I woke up.

I started connecting to the Spiritual Guides who led me to Thailand (The word “Thai” means “free”), to my love, to my calling as a channel, to my creative expression as an artist, and to my purpose to wake up other people who were also asleep like me.

Now I always know what my next step is. The Spiritual Guides tell me!

I found my joy. I found my peace. I found my purpose.

And So Can You.


How I Can Help You


Do you want to be 100% clear on what lights you up and gets you excited?

Are you ready to make some positive changes in your life?

Are you ready to challenge yourself to move beyond your current way of operating?

Are you ready to have easy and peaceful relationships with others?

Are you ready to love and accept your unique self whole heartedly?

Are you ready to live in an abundant life spiritually and materially?

Your purpose here is to express Joy. It is not to work, to earn an income, and to save for retirement only. Your purpose is to decide what kind of person you want to be while you are here on earth. Then, move into the FULL self-expression.

Having balance in life does not mean that you are juggling 5 balls in the air at the same time. It means, you take the time to treasure each one in your hand, one at a time.

You are a Creator, not a follower. Time to create anew.

I will help you find your creative power and your Soul’s direction.

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Spiritual Wisdom from the Guides

Life Lessons From The Guides

The Life Manual Vol 1-3

This is a three-part series of e-books coming directly from the Spiritual Guides. The Life Manual contains SPECIFIC daily instruction for seekers who are ready to grow spiritually and find out Who They Truly Are. The entire trilogy contains 75 lessons to be studied over three months. Are you ready to elevate your consciousness?

Elevate Your Consciousness


This course includes 60 Akashic Records lessons channeled from the Spiritual Guides.

Learn how to apply spiritual principles to real life effectively so that you will suffer less and enjoy a fulfilling and on-purpose life. The Guides shared that if you study this material consistently, your vibration will be automatically upgraded to a higher level. Apply the material everyday and you will begin to see a transformation in the way you think and act.

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Money Paradigm Shift


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This is a 8-week self study course with weekly videos and channeling for you to upgrade your money consciousness and really grow your bank account.

You will receive your lessons 8 channeled videos and 8 pre-recorded live Q&A with the Guides.

Whether you are new to spiritual work or advanced, the messages that the Spiritual Guides offer will transform your relationship to one of the most difficult areas -- MONEY.

The Spiritual Guides transmit the healing vibration to help you unblock those long-held limiting beliefs and behavior patterns. You do not need to memorize anything or work hard here. The only requirement is your openness and willingness to learn.

Click the button below to learn the details of this course.

Channeling Yourself



Do you know that you actually have the "Super Power" to channel the Akashic Records yoruself?

This is not just reserved for some special people, and I don't consider myself all that special.

The Guides said channeling is sort of like cooking. It is a learnable skill. Obviously, the more you practice, the better you get, right? Common sense.

So, in this series of classes, the Guides THEMSELVES are teaching you. Not me. I channeled them to teach you channeling!

Once you learn how to access your own "Akashic Field," the term given by the Guides, you can pretty much find your own answers to ANYTHING.

Wouldn't that be GREAT? Seriously.

tap into peace, joy and creativity


Private Channeling

I work with the most intelligent, capable, and competent women leaders on this planet.


You are here because you feel that there is still SO MUCH more that you can create, and yet you have only tapped into a fraction of it.

You are not feeling 100% satisfied despite your outer success and achievement.

You might be tired and burnt out and therefore suffering from health issues are seemingly "unsolvable" for your doctors and healers.

You are wondering how you can go even faster, quantum leaping into the next stratosphere, without the struggle or one more "strategy."

You know the strategies, but something is still missing that is preventing you from overcoming that ceiling.


You would like to find a way to double, triple, 10X your success without having to clone yourself.

You want to know what FLOW is like, while creating extraordinary results.

You really would like to experience total health and well-being in your mind, body, and Soul.

You are ready to tap into extraordinary abundance and create the greatest impact on the planet.

Results of Working with the Guides

Understand exactly what your Soul purpose is and your fullest potential.

Use Spirit-led methods to resolve your issues, instead of your ego.

Break through that ceiling you are hitting and reach unlimited wealth

Overcome that sense of void and emptiness you feel despite your existing success

Create extraordinary outcomes and global impact with your work

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Become the Next Billionaire: Break Through Every Single Misbelief

A masterclass channeled directly from the Guides by Solera, allowing you to break through every single misbelief about what is “possible” and what is “not possible.” Let’s dive into the deep end of the ocean and just keep an open mind to receive the message. 

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