This sounds impossible... If you are open, you can access precise and accurate answers to ALL of your problems instantly. Using this unique method.

People from Around the World Have Already Found the Solutions to Expand Their Wealth, Legacy, and Contribution Even Further Doing This

Hundreds of Students Have Used This Uncommon Method to Create an Extraordinary Life and Resolve Their Challenges.

Conscious Leaders, Iconic Influencers, High Achievers

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Every time you are struggling in business or in life and trying to "fix it" by reading books, attending coaching courses, or even hiring specialists, you are delaying your success and happiness.

Stretch Your Mind.

The Universe provides a Direct Path for you to get anything that you desire and resolve all the biggest challenges in your professional and personal life.

Use This Quick Method to Access IMMEDIATE Answers to Your Biggest Problems.

Join the Happy Students Who Are Already Using This Method to Access the Keys to Their Own Extraordinary Legacy.

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If you are running a business and desiring to scale to the $10 million dollar mark,

or if you see yourself attracting 1 million audience onto your Youtube channel,

or if you are ready to contribute $100k to charities that you feel passionate about,

then you need this one tool,

because it will bring you

Total Clarity

Total Confidence

Total Resolute

as you are given the EXACT answer that will lead you on your most iconic path.

Having unparalleled access to unlimited wisdom is not as hard it seems.


It is easier to channel than spinning your wheels or getting outside help.

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Why is that?

No.1 Knowing how to channel is your innate birthright.

The Guides always say this, the ability connect to your own divine power is innate in EVERYONE.No one is somehow more special than you. Therefore, everyone gets an equal chance.It's the same as if you want to learn to make an omelette. While not everyone will become a world-class Michelin star chef, everyone can learn to make some eggs.

No. 2 Having access to the Akashic Records will give you the next steps right away.

When you become skilled in this, you can tap into the Divine wisdom that is available to you immediately.You don't need to read a book, or wait for a coach to tell you what to do.You yourself will become your greatest coach because the answers are right in front of you.

No. 3 It means that you can give accurate direction to your clients and your employees.

When you tap into this infinite source of answers, you will always know how to stay on track as an effective leader.You do not need waver in your decision making because you will know exactly what is the right path for you and your team.You will lead with confidence and clarity like never before.

You Business and Life Will Experience Astounding Transformation After You Learn to Channel.

So called "challenges" will not be an issue in your life.

Because once you tap into the Akashic Records, you will transform your relationship with yourself, your employees, and your clients.

You will be able to receive those solutions quite easily. No matter how much trouble you currently might experience with the difficult hire or certain sticky clients, you will find that path to clarity and peaceful resolutions.

Therefore, your company will become THE place that everyone wants to work at and attract exceptional clients.

You will tap into your FULLEST purpose - the realization of your potential.

You will tap into your FULLEST purpose - the realization of your potential.

You will have both time and resources to help causes and make the kind of global impact you envision.

You don't need to wait until you have more time. In fact, you will know exactly how to go about activating this meaningful aspect of your life.

If you were already helping your community, now you will scale to the global level because you will become a remarkable leader, transforming humanity with a distinct vision.

Sounds fantastic?

I will show you exactly how, but first

I want you to get rid of these two words:

"Mindset coaching"

In my humble opinion, no one needs to pay someone else to fix their mind.

You already have the answers in the Akashic Records, and that access is available NOW.

What is mindset coaching anyway?

Having someone to "give" you the clarity?

The Universe has a plan for you, and it also has answers for you.

Wouldn't it be easier to go to this magical library and get your answer right away, instead of having to twist your thinking into something else.

The "HOW" is given to you here.

The Akashic Records, or your own Guides will give you a high-level view that NO HUMANS can give you.

Sorry, don't care if it is Tony Robbins.

You are here to create extraordinary work. Allow yourself to experience ease by having this tool.

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I'm Solera. I am a Spiritual Channel who serves world leaders, highly accomplished entrepreneurs, and visionaries by guiding them in their own spiritual awakening process, and thus transforming them into the greatest change makers globally. 

I help business owners and leaders break free from the masculine model of pushing and busy schedule, so that they can disrupt their old patterning of hustle and grind and make their life a beautiful masterpiece.

I channel the Sky Team, a collective of spiritual guides and angels, to facilitate the quantum growth and extraordinary expansion in the individual, allowing the person to experience the most profound metamorphosis of their lifetime.

I've previously founded two ballroom dance studios in Chicago and Los Angeles. I published three channeled books in rocket time, having written one chapter a day for 25 chapters per book.

My clients are true trendsetters and non-conformists that shake up their industries and create shocking transformative results. They disrupt their industries.

They lead a magnificent movement.  When they are ready to fly to the moon, I am the "secret weapon" that they use to surpass all of their competitors and colleagues.

Why are our clients successful?

Because they have direct access to unparalleled wisdom.

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“Thank you for showing me that making money is easy and sooo FUN!”

The Guides told me I could take the stairs or the elevator. I chose the elevator. The Guides told me I could drive a Toyota or a Ferrari to get there. I chose a Ferrari. I have never had as much fun as I am having right now in my life. Business is fun and easier than it has ever been. My business income is also growing faster than it ever has. Thank you, Solera.

Jo M., Sales Leader

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“Now I understand why Oprah has spiritual advisors.”

I launched my first group class, and I had 25 people sign up. Now, I have over 100 women. It moved me into multi-5 figure months. (Now: 100K+months)You need to have that upgraded thinking and you need to fast track your way there.What blew me away is the birds-eye view which humans can't give you. We just get myopic as humans and don't realize it.In terms of happiness, my happiness level is so high now.

Gaby A., Intuitive Business Coach


“The guidance and information is transparent, direct and undeniably specific to me.”

I am no longer as bombarded by incessant, doubtful, worrisome thoughts about if I am going to be OK.  I am crystal clear on the purpose of life and my personal purpose.  I feel more comfortable being me, as in more accepting of who I naturally am without the desire to fix myself. To be someone I think I should be because I was told I should be THAT.  I am learning how to manifest what I desire with ease, rather than working hard for what I want. I am healing a thyroid disorderI am writing a bookI know how to process feelings in a way that is helpful rather than flying into overwhelm and shutdown. I feel more free, more joyous & much more expansive.

Danielle D., Life Coach

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“I have gone from a 6-figure year to a 6-figure month.”

I feel very proud of the changes that I am making. This is just the beginning.I never considered pleasure or joy for myself before. Sometimes I had body warnings, and I was not listening to them. Now I can at least see them and be aware. I am able to calm down. It is much more obvious to me now.I feel more daring in expressing myself authentically, saying what I want to colleagues and setting boundaries with people, instead of ignoring my own needs.I wasn't really charging as much as I should, even though I already have a solid business. I am now charging a "full sandwich." It means that I am charging the price that I deserve. We are not just solving immediate problems, but also improving my overall life. If you don't work with Solera, you'd miss the possibility to grow, to grow with a higher perspective. You are just not going to grow as fast if you are doing it on your own.

Mary F., Landscape Architect


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Here is what you get

The Methods that Our Star Students Are Using Now

Solutions that were fully given by the Guides to our star clients. So this way you can model after their successful strategies and implement them.

VALUE: $997

The Exact Blueprint to Channeling the Akashic Records

A 6-week deep dive training with the Guides who will show you exactly how you can access what's called the "Akashic Library."

VALUE: $997

VIP Access to Solera and the Guides to Ask your Own Questions

Solera and the Guides answer your own questions in our special two-part Q&A calls.

VALUE: $997

The Chance to Join Other High Level Achievers and Network with the Brightest Minds

VALUE: Priceless



(Original: $1497)


Pay in Full


1 Private + Course 

Find your greater purpose


Payment Plan

$197 X 6 months

3 Privates + Course

Map out your entire 2022


This is the Fastest Path
to exponentially grow your professional and personal life

“I literally woke up one day and said enough, I'm getting off the daily grind carousel and living by the ocean. So, I did.”

Solera has a gentle yet hitting you over the head with rock kinda delivery.  I can't wait to share what I learn with the world. There are many people like us, in fact, we ALL are like this, just some are waking up. I was "successful" in that I support myself and my family and have great clients, but I was missing the spiritual part.I still struggle, but take great comfort in knowing that I will need to keep coming back until I am the best person I can be - a service to others. A light in the darkness.My business is better than ever, new clients and I'm in the process of buying a company so we can take it nationally and even globally.

Tammy B., Business Owner


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“It's not always what you want to hear, but it's always what you really need.”

You have a question? Just ask the Guides and you'll receive a straightforward answer! They give you a clear direction and tangible guidance, which is easy to implement.I was worried about my financial situation and the Guides showed me a simple way to allow money to flow into my life. Since that day, whatever questions I have, concerning my personal life or my business, I always receive the answers I really need, which are helping me move forward.Solera is an amazing channel who will deliver the teaching with love and compassion. And I can't thank her enough for sharing her gift with me.

Stephanie M., Business Coach




“A lot of the things learned in the class can be applied to law of attraction manifestation as well, so it is like a 2-in-1 class!”

I took Solera's class on channeling. It is really simple, but you have to practice. I spend 15-30 mins most days practicing. I have had these messages help with a major legal case we are going through. I have had messages help keep me from making huge mistakes in my health. I have had messages help me understand certain people in my life and how to deal with them. So overall, I think it has benefited me because I worry and stress less. It isn't that I don't have stressful things happen, but I have learned to stay calm about whatever comes knowing that I will be guided along the way. Thanks to Solera for doing the class, and thanks to the Guides for teaching it!

Crystal S.



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“Now all I need to do is ask the question and the Guides just find a way to answer it.”

It was an amazing experience. I learnt how to connect to the guides & ask the right questions. Each day was empowering. I have continued the practice even after the course has finished. Solera also taught me how to keep the mind open & answer can come in any form. Sometimes the guides are really funny. Thanks to Solera for helping me form this wonderful relationship with the guides.

Pooja M.



crystal testimonial
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Testimonial on channeling course



(Original: $1497)


Pay in Full


1 Private + Course 

Find your greater purpose


Payment Plan

$197 X 6 months

3 Privates + Course

Map out your entire 2022



How do I watch the course?

A link will be sent to you to sign up for the class platform. Make sure you register for our emails so you get notified.

For how long can I access the course?

You can have One Year access to the course.

Can I have a refund?

If you are still not happy after you have gone through the modules and practiced it daily, you can get a refund within 30 days.

What if it doesn't work for me?

You are ALREADY connected to the Akashic field. The Guides say that it's like cooking. Practice 10-15 min each day and you will see results.

What My Clients Have To Say About Working With Me

And as soon as we got off the call, I knew exactly what to do to take my business and my relationship to the next level.

"It was really, really eye-opening, expanding all that I thought I knew, but I just didn't know enough. You know, there was another layer to uncover so I got immense clarity. I got lots of action steps. I recommend working with Solera to anyone who might be interested."

Rebeca L. Tony Robbins Certified Coach

She has expanded my money consciousness SO so much.

"I've done a lot of money mindset work, but she has such a creative approach to it, that every single session, I felt like my brain was stretching out just a little bit more, a little bit more.

So if you're thinking about working with her, you need to do it. She is amazing, unstoppable. And like I tell her, she is a world class channel, the Beyonce of channels, and I hope that you choose to work with her."

Gaby A. Intuitive Business Coach

The money just keeps coming in, and it doesn’t stop!

"Working with the Guides was just so upleveling. The Guides make it really simple. It’s so nice to know that anything is possible.

Everything goes better than I expected, and this takes the cakes .My manifesting muscle is so strong like crazy.

Let’s say I was iftin 2 pounds. Now I’m lifting 200 pounds."

Mary A. Brand Designer

I was able to gain so much clarity on my path, not only in business, but my personal life, health and wellness.

"I am so excited and grateful to give an amazing testimony for Solera.

Solera was powerful in her delivery, so clear and concise, and actually shared tools to implement to catapult my success in life and business.

So I 100%, a million percent recommend Solera, say yes to you and book with Solera ASAP."

Gina A. Transformation Coach

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