Answers to your biggest questions are locked behind a secret door.

You're about to receive your key.

Join the hundreds of students who have used this uncommon method to create extraordinary lives!

Conscious Leaders, Iconic Influencers, High Achievers:


You’ve worked hard to attain the level of success you currently have. Now you’re trying to go farther, create a bigger impact, and earn even more money. At the same time, you worry about how easily it could all slip through your fingers. 

You reached this point by reading books, attending coaching courses, and hiring specialists. Certainly one of those resources can help you “fix it,"  whatever it is. You’re ready to enjoy new levels of success and happiness. What got you here won’t take you there.

It’s time to try something new. You will get there, my friend, and probably much faster than you could have imagined. 

Stretch Your Mind

The Universe provides a Direct Path for you to get anything that you desire and resolve all the biggest challenges in your professional and personal life.


Prepare to embark on the adventure of YOUR life!

Embrace your Divine Birthright and discover all the beauty the Universe has in store for you.

Dear friends

If you are running a business and desiring to scale to the $10 million dollar mark,

 If you see yourself attracting 1 million audience onto your Youtube channel,

 If you have a desire to contribute $100k to charities that you feel passionate about,

If you want to resolve your relationship problems

If you want to discover the fastest and the easiest path to your healing.

then you need this one tool, because it will bring you

Total Clarity

Total Confidence

Total Transformation

as you are given the EXACT answers to your biggest questions!

Having unparalleled access to unlimited wisdom is not as hard it seems. ACTUALLY...

It's easier to channel than spinning your wheels or getting outside help. Why is that?

No. 1 Knowing how to channel is your innate birthright

The Guides always say this, the ability connect to your own divine power is innate in EVERYONE. No one is more special than you. Therefore, everyone gets an equal chance. It's the same as learning how to make an omelette. While not everyone will become a world-class Michelin star chef, everyone can learn to make some eggs.

No. 2 Having access to the Akashic Records will give you the next steps right away.

When you become skilled in channeling, you can tap into the Divine wisdom that is available to you immediately. You don't need to read a book, or wait for a coach to tell you what to do. You will become your own greatest coach because the answers are right in front of you, uniquely tailored to you.

No. 3 Channeling is super accessible and simple. You won't be "hearing voices."

Many of our students were worried that this is too "out there," until they tried it for themselves. And no, you won't hear voices as in the movie Ghost! It's more like riding a bicycle.

Once you learn how to do it, you will always know how to do it. You can't forget it. And you don't need to be "certified" to channel. You'll learn it by practicing 10 min a day.


I joined the Channeling class after I read Solera’s book.

I was super intrigued about Channeling.

I can’t think of anyone better to Channel the Guides.

I love the way Solera channels. It is done so easily and freely, and everything just comes through.

Channeling has become a part of my life now and decision making is easier.

Tina C, Naturopathic Doctor



More guidance has been coming through and opportunities have been opening up everywhere.

I can't believe that I manifested massive, global reach...


I feel more open to guidance.

Solera has helped me throughout the years and it’s amazing to have access to the Guides myself.

I know and trust Solera.

Molly, Transformation Coach, author and Bookstore owner



I was curious about the Akashic Records, people were talking about it all the time. It’s a game changer.

It's very practical. They give real advise that you can do that’s actionable, and they make everything understandable for you.

It’s really about you connecting to the source.

Very smooth and flowing. Super unique.

So many lessons and takeaways from the course!

Tiana T, Health & Life Coach for Female Changemakers



From the instant that I started the course Channeling, it simply has been very eye opening. 

The Channeling course literally opened up my consciousness, to make me realise that it wasn't about pushing harder or training harder, because I didn’t have anything else I could do with my physical ability.

It's been like putting together a puzzle and literally coming from different angles. 

Cloe N, Owner-Operator at Powerzen Athlete



Your Personal and Professional Life Will Experience Astounding Transformation After You Learn to Channel.

Because once you tap into the Akashic Records, you will transform your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, your body, and more.

Inside the Akashic Records, you'll be able to receive solutions easily and quickly.

You’ll easily understand and solve the challenges that used to make your life complicated. Truly, you will be working smarter instead of harder, because you’ll have access to wisdom beyond your own mind.

Therefore, you will become magnetic to all those things that you desire. They will come to you at an accelerated speed.

You will tap into your FULLEST purpose - the realization of your potential

Why wait until the next life if you can do it now?

You'll have both time and resources to help causes so you can finally and make the kind of global impact you envision.

You don't need to wait until you have more time or money.

The Akashic Records will show you how to
activate your purpose NOW.

You'll become the kind of leader that you admire, transforming humanity with your unique vision with 100% Clarity.

Sounds fantastic?

I will show you exactly how, but first I want you to get rid of these two words: 

mindset coaching

In my humble opinion, no one needs to pay someone else to fix their mind.

You already have the answers in the Akashic Records, and that access is available NOW.

The course has been really good. 

It goes step by step. 

And for me it has been a process of loving yourself.

I feel so relaxed now. I didn’t know that I had tension in my body.

The energy from the Channeling course I have experienced is a very soft and loving.

Merja M.


After taking the first course with Solera I wanted to know more about the Akashic Records.

The advice that the Guides gave was pretty straight forward, very simple. Just put in a bit of time they asked for and the little thing that they asked, which is to just have some faith and just let yourself do it.

This has been a life changing experience.

Henley Sah



I read Solera’s first volume book.

Channeling has been interesting, and I have used channeling for both my  personal and professional life. 

In my professional life a lot of times I often say it’s almost like I have to read people's minds in order to give good advice, and channeling has been another tool in the toolkit.

Renee D, Trademark practice managing partner


I love the Channeling Course. 

I signed up because for a while I felt like I was having a spiritual awakening, and that there are messages deep inside of me that are trying to get out. 

The Live course has been next level, a different approach for each student. Channeling has clarified a lot of things for me.

Rosemary R.N., Embodiment Coach


What is Mindset Coaching anyway?

Having someone "give" you clarity? 

The Universe has a plan for you, and it also has answers for you.

Wouldn't it be easier to go to this magical library and get your answer right away, instead of having to fit yourself into someone else's box?

You will find the "HOW" in the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records, or your own Guides will give you a high-level view that NO HUMANS can give you.

Sorry, I don't care if it is Tony Robbins.

You will experience total Ease and Clarity once your access your Records.


Who is Solera?

Solera is a Spiritual Channel who serves world leaders, highly accomplished entrepreneurs, and visionaries by guiding them in their own spiritual awakening process, and thus transforming them into the greatest change makers globally. 

She helps business owners and leaders break free from the masculine model of pushing and busy schedule, so that they can disrupt their old patterning of hustle and grind and make their life a beautiful masterpiece.

She channels the Sky Team, a collective of spiritual guides and angels, to facilitate the quantum growth and extraordinary expansion in the individual, allowing the person to experience the most profound metamorphosis of their lifetime.

She has previously founded two ballroom dance studios in Chicago and Los Angeles. I published three channeled books in rocket time, having written one chapter a day for 25 chapters per book.

Solera’s clients are true trendsetters and non-conformists that shake up their industries and create shocking transformative results. They disrupt their industries. 


They lead a magnificent movement.  When they are ready to fly to the moon, Solera is the "secret weapon" that they use to surpass all of their competitors and colleagues.

Why are our clients successful? Because they have direct access to unparalleled wisdom.

testimonial photo jo mould

“Thank you for showing me that making money is easy and sooo FUN!”

The Guides told me I could take the stairs or the elevator. I chose the elevator. The Guides told me I could drive a Toyota or a Ferrari to get there. I chose a Ferrari. I have never had as much fun as I am having right now in my life. Business is fun and easier than it has ever been. My business income is also growing faster than it ever has. Thank you, Solera.

Jo M.

Sales Manager

Here is what you get:

  • The Exact Blueprint to Channeling the Akashic Records

    A 6-week deep dive training with the Guides who will show you exactly how you can access what's called the "Akashic Library."

    VALUE: $1497 

  • 4 Advanced Channeling Trainings

    Solutions that were fully given by the Guides to our advanced clients. So this way you can model after their successful strategies and implement them in your own life.

    VALUE: $997

  • VIP Access to Solera and the Guides

    Solera and the Guides will answer your own questions. First class is Jan 26, Wed, at 10PM ET

    VALUE: $1497 

  • Bonus 1: The Money Paradigm Shift course

    A transformational experience in helping you access Wealth with simplicity and confidence. Money is like oxygen. Everyone deserves to breathe it in. Learn how in this money unleveling course. (Not available anywhere)

    VALUE: $1497 

  • Bonus 2: From Fear to Success Course

    Do you have a lot of nagging thoughts about why you are not successful, why you are not able to create the business you dream of, why you are an imposter, etc? The Guides will clear these thoughts for you once and for all. (Not available anywhere)

    VALUE: $1497 

The Chance to Join Other High Level Achievers and Network with the Brightest Minds priceless

Total Value



I really was looking into finding other people to channel for me and then came across Solera and thought, "Wow, imagine if I can learn to channel myself and it’s been incredible!"

Channeling has improved my own intuition.

I have had many personal and professional breakthroughs.

Kate S, Online Business Owner Helping Women through pregnancy & traumatic birth experience


I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Solera and the Guides. 

The Channeling course has reinforced my intuition and has sharpened my intuitive ability. 

I feel my energy is focused.

I feel bigger, freer, and the next steps just unfold. 

Yuritzi G,  Body, Mind Coach


I really like the approach Solera has with the Guides and channeling, because it’s not so complicated.

You can do it in your daily life. 

I followed my intuition. It is very unique, easy and practical. 

We're all connected. It’s just about being more aware.

Analena F, Co Founder of Aligned Living Academy


I love Solera’s process.
A "Solera" saying that resonates with me about channeling is to be a clear pipe.
If you want the real answers, you have to ask the soul.
The whole channeling process is so natural.
With the Akashic Records, you go to the highest energy.

Montserrat E, Economist Coach

This is the fastest path to exponentially grow your professional and personal life.

Channeling the Akashic Records

$1497 $997

Pay in Full $997

One-Time Payment

- OR -

Payment Plan $197

x 6 months

You might be thinking...

“Maybe everyone else can channel except for me because I don’t think I am that intuitive or talented.”

Yea, that was me 7 years ago. I was sooooo stubborn.

I get it. But the Guides have repeatedly said that channeling is your BIRTHRIGHT. 

If you look through all the case studies on the info page, you’ will see that a lot of students felt that way at first, too. 

But they took the plunge, and they did it! To their own surprise. 😉

You can absolutely do this if you allow yourself to be open. 

“I am really busy and don’t have a lot of time.”

Yea, that was also me…full of excuses. Lol

But actually, you only need 10 minutes to practice a day. And it’s OK if you skip a day or two. Obviously, the more you practice, the more comfortable you'll feel about the process.

But this isn’t like learning tennis or playing the piano. You don’t need to practice 3 hours and achieve “10,000 hours” in order to master it. You just don’t.

”I am afraid of seeing or hearing ghosts.”

OMG, me too!!! Like, seriously. Watching the movie 6th Sense just traumatized me! 

To be honest, this was my no.1 objection. I was reeeeeally afraid of hearing voices or seeing weird visions of light, what have you.

But now that I channel all day, it’s not really like that. You have free will. So, you can decide how you want to interact with your Guides and how to receive the info.

Some students do it through meditation, some people receive clear physical signs, or some people can have a dialogue.

But you don’t have to channel the way I do!

”I’m short on funds.”

Remember there is a 6-month payment plan. I offer this so that you can finish the entire course BEFORE you even finish paying. 

Why? Because the course has proven itself. I know it works.

“What if I can’t finish the course in 6 weeks?”

You have one-year access to the course so you can always go back and watch the replays. But we highly recommend that you do your best to follow along during the live coaching.


I joined the channeling course to gain some direction in my life.

They give you a different perspective of life that we don’t normally get.

Such a different way of understanding and clear advice.

The channeling course has helped me relax and enjoy more of what life has to offer.

Katherine K, Reflexologist, Author, Retired Midwife


Working with Solera is amazing, and I love the Live classes.

It has been really great to have that community factor.

The Channeling course literally is guidance and getting answers.

The feeling of falling into that complete surrender, and all the pieces have come together with me.

Mary A, Owner, Creator, Designer at Share Your Magic

Ready to have miraculous results?

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