You are here to fully become the Light so that you can be a light post for other people and help those who have lost their way.
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Do you sometimes wish that someone can tell you how this "life" thing works, and all of your problems will start to go away?

You are a spiritual person. You are willing to work hard. You have done the right things, but somehow the “right” things didn’t always turn out right.

Are you struggling, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your life?
Are you feeling alone whether you are single or in a relationship?
Are you feeling disconnected from Spirit and not feeling supported by the Universe?

You may be a smart person, but you just don’t know how to make life easier while living a spiritual life. 

It’s like no matter what, you are still not fully happy and not living on purpose. 

And you have read all the self-help books already.

I have been there before.

Once upon a time -

Once upon a time...

I graduated from one of the top 10 US Universities with a high paying corporate job, had a fiancee, along with a nice apartment. I didn’t know why I felt so unhappy despite the beautiful outer appearance.

Then, I got fired during the 2008 economic downturn. My fiance broke up with me. I started to pile on a lot of credit card debt from trying to start my first business. I was lost.

I needed to find myself and what my True path was. So, I went to study Spiritual Psychology. Then, I hired a life coach. I later went to meditate in an ashram for 5 months in S.Korea. Along the way, I tried a myriad of jobs to find my “calling.” But nothing worked.

Until...I opened my own Akashic Records and met my Spiritual Guides. It’s like being lost in the middle of the ocean and finding the Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse, or the Spiritual Guides pointed me in the right direction for my True Purpose.

Once I got on the True Path, it was...effortless. I finally understood that manifesting results is not about trying hard. It was about allowing, surrendering, and letting life show me the way.

What Benefits You Will Receive

Should you decide to embark on this awakening journey, amazing things will happen.

• You will learn how to find your own calling.

• You will learn to love yourself unconditionally.

• You will discover your True Purpose.

• You will learn how to get out of your own way.

• You will learn to change your limiting beliefs.

• You will learn to manifest anything you want in your life.

• You will realize what true happiness means for you.

• You will understand how to have a great relationship with anyone.

This is Practical. This is Magic.

3 month home study

Learn how to apply spiritual principles to real life effectively so that you will suffer less and enjoy a fulfilling and on-purpose life.

It includes 60 videos, audio downloads, and transcripts

Principle 1 : self love

Have you ever felt that perhaps you are not worthy to get something? Week 1 is all about building the foundation for you to develop core Self-Love. Without it you basically can’t achieve anything.

The Guides will teach you to get out of your own way.

Principle 2 : relationships

Have you struggled to have great relationships with other people? We are adding to your foundation of Self-Love. It’s like building a house. Without a strong foundation it will fall apart.

You will learn to grow compassion and improve all of your relationships. 

Principle 3: belief system

Have you felt that you are so stuck in how you think about yourself and others it's like the same pattern over and over?

You will learn to shift your belief system and honor your True Self. 

Principle 4: purpose

Have you ever wondered how you lead a purpose-driven life? Now you are ready to really level up and dive into both your spiritual purpose and your manifesting power.

The Guides will teach you how to fully live on purpose in your life

Principle 5: balance

Have you ever leaned too much on either end of being masculine or being feminine? Learning how to balance both sides of you is essential to creating what you want in your reality.

Let’s balance your masculine and feminine energies and embody love in the highest sense. 

principle 5: harmony

Have you wondered how you can live in harmony within yourself and in the world? 

Learn to honor your own Divine timing and be completely present day to day, instead of frantically trying to chase after the next thing.

Principle 7: manifestation

Have you felt despair that some things don’t seem to work out in your life? But actually the process of manifesting is just a game of matching vibrations, and it is easier than you think.

The Guides will explain clearly how you can create your dreams in reality right now. 

principle 8: compassion

Have you felt mean towards yourself and be critical of your own thoughts and behaviors? This is a huge block that many experience, and it is holding them back from finding real joy.

You will master having compassion towards yourself and others and thus find your life getting easier to manage over time. 

Principle 9: authenticity

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong in the world? The Spiritual Guides are here to show you how to be your authentic self because your consciousness will directly impact the world.

Learn to be gentle and follow your own intuition in how you lead your life.

Principle 10: leadership

Have you felt unsure of how you can contribute to the world? This week is about taking charge of your life and your role as a conscious leader.

Learn to be a leader first in your own life and then become the kind of person that others want to follow and emulate.

Principle 11: awakening

Have you felt the rush to get to the “end,” but not really know where the end is? The Spiritual Guides have a big lesson for you here.

It is all about spiritual awakening: what it is, how to apply the lesson, and embrace your path of enlightenment. 

Principle 12: gifts

Have you ever wondered what your REAL gifts are? Here is the big reveal. The Guides will teach you how to tap into your undiscovered gifts to be shared with the world.

Your job is to follow the breadcrumbs the Universe is showing you step by step. 

love notes


Solera’s gift is beyond measure. I have worked with a handful of talented mediums, shamans, astrologists as well as other Akashic readers and I have not experienced a more clear channel than Solera. Meaning: she can channel The Guides in a clear, unbroken, conversational dialogue.

Dr. Danielle D., Life Coach, Los Angeles


I love how the Guides give lots of food for thought and the most important daily action steps. I love the examples from Solera’s life, as they were very relatable.

Marina Y., Corporate Trainer, Toronto


Solera has a gentle yet hitting you over the head with rock kinda delivery.  I can’t wait to share what I learn with the world. There are many people like us, in fact, we ALL are like this, just some are waking up. I literally woke up one day and said enough I want to get off the daily grind carousel and I want to live by the ocean. So, that’s what I’m doing.

My business is better than ever, new clients and I’m in the process of buying a company so we can take it nationally and even globally.

I can accept now that certain people fall away because it’s best for me and my growth and theirs, honestly.  I’m getting some good poetry out of it! [Tammy discovered her talent in poetry writing.]

Tammy B., Business Owner, New York City

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love notes


You have a question? Just ask the Guides and you’ll receive a straightforward answer! It’s not always what you want to hear, but it’s always what you really need. They give you a clear direction and tangible guidance, which is easy to implement.

Stephanie M., Business Coach, France

Gaby Ahrams

I have tried for years to have the breakthrough that Solera’s channeled message delivered in 15 minutes. Her messages are filled with beautiful imagery and brilliant, intuitive analogies that make not only the message, but also the steps to implement it, crystal clear.

The business advice I received was brilliant and exactly what I needed to hear to take the next steps in my business. I also received a channeled message for my personal life that was extremely helpful as well! Most importantly, I received a beautiful spiritual message at the end unprompted that I have tucked into my heart and carried with me for the weeks that followed.

We get so lost in the hustle and bustle and I had forgotten how important it was to sit and connect to the spiritual, which is our core. Thank you, Solera, for sharing your beautiful gift with us and with ME

Gaby, Intuitive Business Coach + RTT Specialist, Miami


I had pressing questions about my health, business, and my child. I appreciated the guidance she gave me about meditating, doing light exercise, refocusing on my life's purpose, and letting go of thoughts and beliefs that had been paralysing me. Her advice about doing light exercise amazed me because it's exactly what my doctors have been telling me! I feel relieved and energized to declutter my life. Now my office is tidy and organised, as is my mind, and I can get things done with less stress than before.

Bernice, Etiquette Coach, Hong Kong

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How do I access the course?

Course content will be emailed to you Monday through Friday for 12 weeks. You will receive a link to the audio + transcripts.

How long do I have access to the course?

You can have *life-time access to the course. We recommend that you review it after the class ends. It takes time to practice and implement the wisdom from the Guides.
*For as long as our website exists

Can I have a refund?

No. Because if you cannot invest 59 dollars in yourself for 3 months worth of life-changing transformation, then this is not for you. 

What if it doesn’t work for me? 

The messages from the Spiritual Guides are universal. It means that it applies to everyone in this world. If you already “know” something, ask yourself if you are knowing it in your head, or actually living it. Chances are, you “know” it, but you are not implementing it. So, practice the lessons.

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