Quantum Jump into Your Next Level of Wealth and Contribute to the World in an Extraordinary Way

Use Ancient Spiritual Secrets to Become the Top 1% and Leave a Positive Legacy on the Globe

Imagine right now if you have already become your “Future Self,” what would she be doing?

Perhaps she is busy creating and funding charities that are going to educate children, support women, rescue abused animals, and save endangered rainforests.

Perhaps she is giving public speeches to create awareness around the causes that are dear to her hearts.

Perhaps she is teaching her own employees how to become responsible and kind citizens of the world.

“My business is better than ever, new clients and I’m in the process of buying a company so we can take it nationally and even globally.”

Tammy B., Business Owner

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“My business is better than ever, new clients and I’m in the process of buying a company so we can take it nationally and even globally.”

Tammy B., Business Owner

tammy testimonial photo

Do you have a desire hidden within your heart that you are ready to do more for the world by maximizing your Entelechy - the realization of your potential in this lifetime?

I hear you. You have worked hard and climbed to the top in the field of your passion.


You have received the accolades, the rewards, the status, and the shiny appearances.


But perhaps something still feels like it is not quite flowing. You’d like things to move faster and get done sooner so that you can make an even bigger difference on the planet.


You recognize that it is amazing to have all of this abundance of richness, but what is even MORE amazing is that you get to share with those whom you care about and those who really need your help.

You deeply care about this planet and humanity, and you would love to be able to create that next level of abundance so that you can give from this place of overflow easily and quickly.


You want your money to go to the causes that matter to your heart.

Join Our Elite Group of Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and Change Makers to Make Your Own Dent in the World

Money Paradigm Shift is a Tiny Investment Compared to the Impact You Will Be Creating

dear friend

You are about to uplevel to the stratospheric level and do you know why?


Because this is your True Path from the Divine perspective. 


And the question you’d likely want to ask is, “How”?


The answer is so simple because the Guides will be shaping you, guiding you, and molding you into becoming your Iconic Self.


Chances are, you are already super successful and brilliant at what you do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this page. 


But there is no amount of “coaching” you can get to really change your level of vibration INSTANTLY? Is there?


Because the information that you'd receive is human made, not sourced directly from the Divine. 


The education that you will be receiving from the Guides, however, will be First Class, par none. 


It is insight, wisdom, and knowledge that you simply will not find ANYWHERE ELSE.


We state that proudly and boldly because that is the truth.

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Wealth at the Highest Level Does Not Come from the Ego

Do you know why? 


Because your ego is limited. It has gotten you to where you are now. But it doesn’t mean that it will be able to carry to the top of Mount Everest.


You see, we are going to the top of Mount Everest. 


We are not playing small, medium, or large. We are playing Gargantuan. 


Does it sound a little scary? Or perhap a little exciting as well, doesn't it?

This is your Divine role. You are meant to play at this astounding level. And no less.

Perhaps you have gotten “life coaching” before.

Perhaps you have attended money courses made by influencers.


Perhaps you have read tens and hundreds of books on success and wealth creation.


But you might be missing out on receiving an immediate vibrational upgrade, which is what the Guides provide. 

We drive Ferraris here, not Toyota.

We deliver the fastest outcomes in the shortest amount of time.


That’s our policy.

That’s our philosophy.

That’s our modus operandi. 


Welcome to our magical world.

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Designed, Created, and Taught by the Spiritual Guides with the Intention to Transform the World by Activating Extreme Wealth Codes within the Individual

We have been told by our students that this program is better than any other “money course” that they have taken before.

And why is that? The Guides are directly connected to Source.

We don’t care if you are learning from Tony Robbins [No offense, Tony]. He got nothing on the Guides.

This is NOT a 10-step course so that you can snail your way to the top (You might be dead by then).

This is a lighting-speed vibrational shift because that’s our intention and our “methodology” if you will.

  There is No zig zag.

There is No step-by-step.

There is No snail pace. 

This is “Go big. Go home” time.

When you complete the Money Paradigm Shift, you will be able to

 ✓ Get out of the hustle mode (I know multi-millionaires who are still hustling.) We don’t do that here.

 ✓ Transition into the butterfly energy because you will have gone through your own metamorphosis to become the Next Level self.

 ✓  Create remarkable financial and practical results with ease and fun. The keywords are “ease” and “fun.”

 ✓ Activate your Megawatt personality and charm to attract incredible wealth like honey to a bee. You are the honey here!

 ✓ Last, but not least, clearly know your Profound Purpose and allow your REASON to be bigger than yourself and lead you to the diamond mines. 

“This past month, I attracted two projects that brought in over 120,000 Swiss Franc ($130K usd). The Guides are leading me to the million dollar level.”

Mary F., Landscape Architect

mary testimonial photo

“This past month, I attracted two projects that brought in over 120,000 Swiss Franc ($130K usd). The Guides are leading me to the million dollar level.”

Mary F., Landscape Architect

mary testimonial photo

Everything You Will Get Out of This Program

The Guides’ methodology is extremely simple, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity.

Beneath the easy-to-implement teachings, they are changing you on a cellular and consciousness level.

They will activate the Greater Vision in you so that you will no longer be busy managing your employees and everybody else, but you will be co-creating the world WITH the Universe.


Get out of your own way

There is no “enemy” out there except your own ego. Don’t get me wrong. You have done well. But you are meant for so much more than just creating a multi-million dollar company. Our purpose is to connect spiritually to everyone on the planet because they are One with us. To do that practically, we can activate Unity Consciousness by amassing wealth and redistributing it.


Develop a deep friendship with money

Money is not just something you have to work hard to “earn.” That’s an outdated model of how we see money and interact with money. What if money was a friend who cares about you deeply and has your back at all times when you need it? Because this kind of relationship is possible for you once you learn this new perspective from the Guides. 


Plug yourself into the Universal Money Socket

You see, the bigger the reason you have, the more money will flow to you. And what’s this “reason”? This is your higher purpose, your critical mission, and your contribution. Once you align yourself to the world, this greater vision will change who you are physically and spiritually. Your own world will begin to change. 


No more cashflow issue

There are people who are wealthy on paper, and then there are people who are wealthy all around. They are free to earn, free to spend, and free to save. There is zero attachment. There is just this knowing that money will be multiplied hundreds of fold.


Balance and manage your own energy flow

Successful and smart people often use their will and hardwork. But in order to create even more success, you need to manage your own energy system within so that your masculine and feminine sides are both utilized. The perfect human being would be 100% masculine and 100% feminine. The Guides are master energy managers.


Work with Divine Timing

There is a time to just “go for it.” There is also a time to sit back and relax. There is also a time to play and have fun, fun, fun. The Guides will help you understand how to sense the right opportunities and take them with bold actions. Yet, you also will discover the sweet spot of finding calm and stillness within.


Learn the secret to scaling to $10M+

We don’t do small work here. We only do Massive work. Are you ready? Let’s not bore ourselves to thinking incrementally. You’ll need to throw the whole “school system” methodology out the window. We are going to be skipping grades. Brace yourself.


Become a GLOBAL leader

Did we just say “Massive” goals? Yes, let’s set your vision a taaad bit higher and start seeing yourself leading a revolution, changing the trajectory of where human beings are headed, and shaking up old industries and how they are currently done. Bring your vision onto the global platform. 


I’m Solera. I am a Spiritual Channel who serves world leaders, highly accomplished entrepreneurs, and visionaries by guiding them in their own spiritual awakening process, and thus transforming them into the greatest change makers globally.

I help business owners and leaders break free from the masculine model of pushing and busy schedule, so that they can disrupt their old patterning of hustle and grind and make their life a beautiful masterpiece.

I channel the Sky Team, a collective of spiritual guides and angels, to facilitate the quantum growth and extraordinary expansion in the individual, allowing the person to experience the most profound metamorphosis of their lifetime.

I’ve previously founded two ballroom dance studios in Chicago and Los Angeles. I published three channeled books in rocket time, having written one chapter a day for 25 chapters per book.

Most importantly, I work with entrepreneurs who want to create a ripple effect in the world by creating programs and selling at the highest level.

When they are ready to fly to the moon, I am the “secret weapon” that they use to surpass all of their competitors and colleagues.


I create the greatest transformation in consciousness by first activating the dormant DNA codes within the individual, in order to establish a direct connection for them to have total 360 abundance, from wealth, love, health, to the deepest level of joy.

By upgrading the consciousness of individual leaders, I create a massive ripple effect that impacts the planet, causing them to transform into the highest expressions of who they are as spiritual beings. 

My clients are true trendsetters and non-conformists that shake up their industries and create shocking transformative results. They disrupt their industries. They lead a magnificent movement. 

I am delighted to welcome you into the Council of Billionaires mastermind, for this is a space for courageous pioneers. 

If you have achieved success in life and are ready to expand into the stratosphere and the greatness you are meant to have, then the Council of Billionaires will be a game-changer for you and be the springboard you need.


Now I understand why Oprah has spiritual advisors.

"I launched my first group class last year, and I had 25 people sign up.
Now, I have over 100 women. It moved me into multi-5 figure months. (Now: 100K+months)
You need to have that upgraded thinking and you need to fast track your way there.
What blew me away is the bird's eye view which humans can't give you. We just get myopic as humans and don't realize it.
In terms of happiness, my happiness level is so high now.”

GABY A., Intuitive Business Coach

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Thank you for showing me that making money is easy and sooo FUN!

" The Guides told me I could take the stairs or the elevator. I chose the elevator. The Guides told me I could drive a Toyota or a Ferrari to get there. I chose a Ferrari.
I have never had as much fun as I am having right now in my life. Business is fun and easier than it has ever been.
My business income is also growing faster than it ever has (Recent Update: $100K Launch)
Thank you, Solera"

Jo M., Sales Leader

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I am crystal clear on the purpose of life and my personal purpose.

"Solera Solera’s gift is beyond measure. I have worked with a handful of talented mediums, shamans, astrologists as well as other Akashic readers and I have not experienced a more clear channel than Solera. Meaning: she can channel The Guides in a clear, unbroken, conversational dialogue.
Imagine having a conversation with a good friend. It is an easy pitch and catch, back and forth relationship. THIS is exactly the experience with The Guides as she channels them.
I am learning how to manifest what I desire with ease, rather than working hard for what I want."

Danielle D., Life Coach


They give you a clear direction and tangible guidance, which is easy to implement.

"You have a question? Just ask the Guides and you’ll receive a straightforward answer!
I was worried about my financial situation and the Guides showed me a simple way to allow money to flow into my life. Since that day, whatever questions I have, concerning my personal life or my business, I always receive the answers I really need, which are helping me move forward.
Solera is an amazing channel who will deliver the teaching with love and compassion. And I can’t thank her enough for sharing her gift with me."

Stephanie M., Business Coach

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Pay in Full [Original: $997]


VIP Upgrade: 1 Private 

Level up to your $10M+


Payment Plan

$133 x 3 months

VIP Upgrade: 3 Privates

Level up to your $10M+


What My Clients Have To Say About Working With Me

And as soon as we got off the call, I knew exactly what to do to take my business and my relationship to the next level.

"It was really, really eye-opening, expanding all that I thought I knew, but I just didn't know enough. You know, there was another layer to uncover so I got immense clarity. I got lots of action steps. I recommend working with Solera to anyone who might be interested."

Rebeca L. Tony Robbins Certified Coach

She has expanded my money consciousness SO so much.

"I've done a lot of money mindset work, but she has such a creative approach to it, that every single session, I felt like my brain was stretching out just a little bit more, a little bit more.

So if you're thinking about working with her, you need to do it. She is amazing, unstoppable. And like I tell her, she is a world class channel, the Beyonce of channels, and I hope that you choose to work with her."

Gaby A. Intuitive Business Coach

The money just keeps coming in, and it doesn’t stop!

"Working with the Guides was just so upleveling. The Guides make it really simple. It’s so nice to know that anything is possible.

Everything goes better than I expected, and this takes the cakes .My manifesting muscle is so strong like crazy.

Let’s say I was iftin 2 pounds. Now I’m lifting 200 pounds."

Mary A. Brand Designer

I was able to gain so much clarity on my path, not only in business, but my personal life, health and wellness.

"I am so excited and grateful to give an amazing testimony for Solera.

Solera was powerful in her delivery, so clear and concise, and actually shared tools to implement to catapult my success in life and business.

So I 100%, a million percent recommend Solera, say yes to you and book with Solera ASAP."

Gina A. Transformation Coach

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